The concert will be this coming Tuesday the 21st of April and will be live-streamed in Australia at 9pm AEST and at 12noon in the UK BST. There will also be a delayed broadcast at 7pm BST. From the comfort of my lounge room I’ll be playing some gorgeous little tunes for violin and bass, some of the Prokofiev duo sonata for two violins and also some beautiful arrangements we’ve done for two violins, clarinet and bass! I’ve even delved into the world of improvising…

Tickets are available on the Tait Website and it’s definitely worth checking out some of the other gorgeous concerts lined up in the series. You can purchase these tickets in Australian dollars, so it is really easy to enjoy young Australian artists who are currently in London. You may like to purchase a ticket for a friend who is in self-isolation in UK as well!

To book a ticket for Bridget’s concert UK at 7pm BST

To book a ticket for Bridget’s concert at 9pm AEST